Michi’s Ladder is a very simple way to start eating healthier and a way to start making healthier meal choices.


The nutrition guide works very simply. Michi’s Ladder is composed of five different tiers of food and food types. The idea is to receive the majority of your foods from the top tiers, Tier 1, Tier 2 and even Tier 3 of the plan. As you can imagine, Tier 5 is composed of the worst foods you can have while on any Nutrition plan, including hamburgers, fires, pizza (but sometimes these are the most delicious) – you get the idea.

There is no set serving size or specific timeline, Michi’s Ladder is designed to give you a better assessment of food and which foods would be more nutritious for you.

The best way to start off using this guide is to 1) print out a copy of the nutrition plan for your own reference. It will be handy when you go grocery shopping or tacking it onto the front of your fridge may help you to become familiar with the different tiers when you are reaching for a snack.

Now you should assess your current nutrition. Which Tiers do most of your foods fall into? Are you eating most of your foods from Tier 5? Or Tier 4? I used to. Be honest with yourself because that’s the only way you are going to be able to use the nutrition plan as a way to nourish your body in a positive manner.

Once you determine which tier most of your foods come from, it is time to climb Michi’s Ladder! Look at tiers above yours and figure out if there are suitable substitutes for foods that are found in your tier.

For instance, if you find that you eat a lot of hot dogs (Tier 5); consider switching over to turkey hot dogs (Tier 4). Or if you find that you enjoy a lot of ice cream (Tier 5) how about switching to non-fat frozen yogurt (Tier 3)? The point of climbing the ladder of the nutrition plan is that you are finding better ways to nourish your body by aiming to move up in the tiers.

There are a lot of little items in the tiers that can be easily substituted for better health. For instance you can begin using olive oil instead of butter for cooking, or switching to hummus as a veggie dip instead of ranch dressing. These changes may seem minor but in the long run even the little changes will be better for your health.

Again, there is no portion size or timeline for this nutrition plan. You can quickly climb up in tiers or you can move gradually over time. It works to give you the tools to find which foods you should be eating and which foods you should steer clear of.

If you only ate from Tiers 1& 2, you would have a near a perfect nutrition plan! The key with any nutrition plan is not to be limiting but to know your limitations. If you eat well 90% of the time you are doing great.